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Episode 49: Fair Value, Facebook and the Euro-Swiss

Continuing on the hot topic of Facebook, Rob Booker speaks with “The Coach,” Scott Welsh, about trading back to fair value and comparing Facebook’s IPO and the Euro-Swiss currency pair. They discuss whether it’s too early to judge what fair value is for Facebook, and whether one can accurately assess fair value from a chart. Rob and Scott also take a look at Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple and J.P. Morgan to help illustrate their discussion. Rob also compares Apple’s and Facebook’s price-to-earnings ratios. Fun stuff. Please subscribe and join us!

To find out more about how Scott Welsh trades back to fair value:

Episode 47: Rob Answers Listener Questions

In this episode, Rob dips into the “mail bag” to answer some listener questions. He addresses the following queries: How long is it going to take me to be able to trade for a living? Where do you think the EUR/USD will go? Do you think the Eurozone will break up? Where do you think Apple’s stock will go in the next two to three years? JP Morgan and JC Penney, Chesapeake Energy, Best Buy, and Green Mountain Coffee have all faced charges of criminal activity or significant losses recently. Are we headed for a major correction in the markets? What kind of computer do you use? Do you trade from the beach? Join us, you’ll have fun!

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