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Episode 155: Trading for the Love of the Game

In Episode 155, your host Rob Booker catches up with his trading partner, Jennifer Thornburg, to discuss trading for the love of the game. They talk about whether it’s more difficult to trade a larger amount of money or a smaller amount — and if there’s really something to tripping over those extra zeros. Rob and Jennifer discuss whether it’s possible to love trading too much and the difference between trading too often and simply being too fond of it.

In this episode, Rob also talks about how a detached attitude toward trading can often lead to larger profits. And since nothing is taboo for discussion here on The Traders Podcast, Rob and Jennifer talk about how alcohol consumption can affect your trading, and they also discuss how our lifestyle choices, in general, are often influenced by our trading needs. All of this and more during Episode 155 of The Traders Podcast!

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Episode 75: Ask Another Question About Your Trading

Rob Booker and special guest Jennifer Thornburg answer some “world-famous questions” — that are not necessarily the right questions — to ask on your pursuit to become a successful trader. This episode is designed to help you ask the right questions.

Here are some examples of the less important questions that Rob and Jennifer commonly hear, and discuss during this episode: Does it matter to know how often a trading system wins? How often am I going to win? How long until I have another win? How many trades does a particular system produce? Or, in other words, the two F’s: the frequency with which we win, and the frequency with which we trade… Does the system produce the results, or does the trader produce the results? Etc.

Jennifer also talks about the importance of knowing yourself as a trader and suggests that maintaining a detailed trading notebook can be an insightful tool when reflecting back on your previous trading activities and motivations. All of this valuable information and more can be heard in Episode 75, so please listen and subscribe!

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Book: The Money Game by Adam Smith

Episode 56: Turning Your Discretionary Trading System Into a Mechanical Trading System

Are you interested in developing an automated trading system? If so, Episode 56 is especially for you. Rob Booker is joined by trading blogger Jennifer Thornburg to discuss the challenges of turning a discretionary trading system into a mechanical one.

In this show Rob asserts that even though many people think they have a rule-based trading system, most people don’t. Rob and Jennifer discuss why traders try to fool themselves into thinking they have a rule-based system, while addressing the disparity between what we think we’re doing and what we’re actually doing.

Rob and Jennifer answer the following questions: What’s the first thing you might do in order to turn a discretionary trading system into a mechanical one? What should you look for in a programmer — and what things should you watch out for when making your agreement with a programmer? How can you protect your trading system from being taken by someone who is programming it for you?

Rob also gives you a ballpark range of about how much you should spend per hour to get your programming done, and he also lists a number of items that you should pay an attorney to help you protect.

If you’re considering your very own automated trading system, then Episode 56 is a must-listen!

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Episode 54: Sharing Your Trading Journey With a Trading Partner

In this unusual episode, your host, Rob Booker, is broadcasting live and “in the field” at the Dallas Traders Expo. There Rob caught up with Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan, Inc., and they discussed some trends that are developing among traders from around the world, as well as some differences between Japanese and American traders.

Rob asks if traders tend to be introverts, and how that affects their tendency to share their trading experiences. Later in this show Rob and Brad are joined by trading blogger Jennifer Thornburg to discuss the value of sharing one’s trading journey with a trading partner. Brad talks about how the practice of being more open and accountable with others has benefited his trading, and you’ll also hear some tips for finding a trading partner and beginning that relationship with him or her. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 39: Moving to Break Even

“The Coach” Scott Welsh returns to The Traders Podcast to engage in a little banter with Rob Booker about trading on Macs versus PCs. Then Rob introduces a new segment called “Jennifer Asks a Question,” in which they discuss traders who seem to perpetually move to break even.

Adding Jennifer Thornburg to the conversation, the three traders also discuss dealing with the naturally occurring frustrations associated with trading, whether it’s more advisable to play it safe or to play aggressively, a secret for knowing “when you have arrived” and are becoming a successful trader, and they discuss whether you’re still a trader if you’ve automated your system.

These tidbits and more can be heard in Episode 39 of The Traders Podcast. Give us a listen!

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Episode 38: Finding the Dominant Psychology of the Market

In Episode 38, Rob Booker talks with co-hosts Raghee Horner and Jennifer Thornburg about how to get a big-picture view of the Dominant Psychology of the Market. Rob asks these ladies what it means to do a five-minute analysis of a financial instrument, and how it plays a part in their decision-making process about trading. Rob also asks if, in the world of stocks, since a financial instrument can move down faster than it goes up, do currencies move down faster than they move up. And The Traders Podcast hosts spend some time talking about Apple and its future. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 37: Little Willie and the Price of Gas

Rob Booker is joined by co-hosts Raghee Horner and Jennifer Thornburg. This show begins with a discussion of the price of gasoline and how it rises quickly but doesn’t seem to fall quickly. Also, Rob introduces a new segment of cautionary tales called “Dumb Stuff That Rob Does.” Raghee gives some highlights that she taught her attendees at a recent Webinar. And Raghee and Jennifer talk about which trading sessions they enjoy the most, as well as the importance of determining the time of day that you’ll be most successful trading. Join us!

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Episode 34: Peak-Performance Athletics and Trading for a Living From Home

Here is the fourth installment with our crackerjack panel of Scott Welsh, Rob Wilson, Jennifer Thornburg and Rob Booker. Episode 34 features story time with Scott Welsh — professional trader and pro tennis coach — who tells us about Matt, a 17-year-old tennis prospect with tremendous potential. Our team uses this story to discuss what kind of prospects a trader would have to possess to potentially trade from home for a living; the disconnect between doing well in practice and how we perform when it actually counts; whether demo trading is a waste of time; the benefits of feeling some pressure; and how desire, form and discipline play into a trader’s success. Meanwhile, Commander Rob Wilson still lives in 1972 Newport, Rhode Island, where he still wears short shorts. You get to hear about that, too.

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Episode 33: How Traders Become Their Own Worst Enemy

A must-listen third part of a four-part show, Episode 33 features Rob Booker talking with tennis guru Scott Welsh, the inimitable Jennifer Thornburg and Commander Rob Wilson. This discussion begins with Rob describing how a trading intern of his wanted to conquer his problem of self-discipline because he had become his own worst enemy. Scott talks figuratively about how everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Rob Booker describes an epiphany he received while running in Torty Park regarding the mind and body and movement and stillness. We discuss how honesty can affect your fear of losing money, what happens when not enough is on the line for you as a trader, and the concept of facing the truth because you don’t have time for anything else. Please join us!

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Episode 32: Breakfast in Bed With Commander Wilson and Friends

The second of a four-part show, Episode 32 features Rob Booker talking over breakfast in bed with Commander Rob Wilson, Jennifer Thornburg and Scott Welsh. We continue our discussion on the time, space and force equation; we talk about the importance of respecting the amount you have in your trading account, while considering the age-old question of whether size matters; we discuss what constitutes success; how a trader can make projections about his or her success without being delusional; how to avoid missing that revelatory moment of clarity; how long it takes to “get it” and become a so-called professional trader; and the episode wraps with Rob’s round of rapid-fire questions for panel of co-hosts.

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