Episode 516: What Does “Small Trade Size” Mean?

Good morning and welcome to the Traders Podcast! It’s Monday today and on Episode 516 Rob is here to answer a text from Alberto. Over the course of over 500 podcast episodes Rob has consistently preached the merits of having a small trade size, but just to be perfectly clear, he’d like to explain what that means and why it’s important. Thanks for listening everybody!

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Episode 386: The Hit of the Air

Welcome to The Traders Podcast! This is Episode 386 and in this show, your host Rob Booker draws upon memories of a hard time in his life to remind himself and all the listeners that while it may not be popular to look at something a new way, it is your prerogative. For example, take a look at this 17 hour chart. Join us!

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Episode 259: Lessons Learned From Missionary Service

Episode 259 is a rather unusual Traders Podcast, because your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles share some personal anecdotes concerning what they learned during their two years of missionary service in Italy and Tucson, Arizona, respectively. Rob says that a lot of what he knows about being a good trader comes from lessons he’s learned while knocking on people’s doors in Italy. For instance, Rob talks about how all the rejection he faced as a missionary informs his trading career. All of this and more in Episode 259 of The Traders Podcast. Join us! And thanks for listening.

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The Man Behind the Mic — Jason Pyles


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Episode 185: You Can’t See My Netherlands — Those Are Private

Want to know if your country (or your state) is pulling its weight, as listeners of The Traders Podcast? Well, Episode 185 is the moment of truth, where your host, Rob Booker, and the producer, Jason Pyles, give you our State of the Podcast Address with a listener statistics update. (Don’t worry — it’s a little more fun than it sounds…) We list off the Top 10 Countries That Download The Traders Podcast. And Rob also laments certain low-rankers or total omissions. You may be as shocked as Rob is!

And Rob takes a moment to speak to certain places: He talks about Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Italy and others. We also look at the Top 10 “User Agents” (or in other words — through what means you listen to the podcast most). We also take a look at the Top 10 States in the United States that listen, as well as the Top 10 U.S. Cities. Oh, and during this episode, Rob floats the idea of cutting a vinyl record with the four best Traders Podcast episodes. Leave us a comment and let us know (via episode numbers) which four you’d choose! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 40: Where and Why We Trade for a Living

Rob Booker is joined again by his guest co-host, “The Coach” Scott Welsh, podcasting from Columbus, Ohio. Scott and Rob begin this episode by talking about the importance of knowing what you want when striving to achieve a goal.

Next your trader hosts discuss whether the location you’re trading from affects your trading, and whether you can trade from anywhere in the world (and by the way, where are the greatest places in the world to trade from?). Rob and Scott also consider Las Vegas: Is Sin City the perfect place for traders? Can automated trading enable you to trade from anywhere? Rob lists his favorite trading locations, and he reveals his pick for the greatest city of all time. And if you live in a certain location — which is named in this episode — and you’d like Rob and Scott to come and trade at your home with you for a week or two, then contact us at

Also, in this episode, we introduce a new segment called “Dumb Things That Rob Does,” which pertains to today’s topic.

And finally, Rob concludes Episode 40 with a remarkable epilogue that enumerates the reasons why, exactly, we trade for a living by recounting an unforgettable story about his friend, Mickey — a trader who realized his dreams.

Please leave us a comment, telling us where you trade from and where you’d like to trade from.

Scott Welsh’s Web site:

This episode is dedicated to Mickey, who successfully did what he always wanted to do.