Episode 331: Choosing Not To Be Unlucky by Taking Responsibility and Getting “the Scared” Scared Out of You

In Episode 331 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker tells a remarkable story about a substantial tax debt that he once incurred (which recently came back to haunt him) from a failed business with his friend. Rob is also very open and candid about the phenomenon of getting “the scared” scared out of you. Rob asks the listeners to answer this question: How is courage to face difficult experiences developed? Episode 331 is a somewhat raw and unique episode of The Traders Podcast, and it’s an absolute must-listen! Thanks for joining us.

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BONUS: Is a Financial Transactions Tax Coming to the U.S.?

In this special BONUS episode of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker catches up with Robert A. Green CPA, a tax expert who has prepared the returns of thousands of traders from all over the world. Bob is also the founder of Green Trader Our friend, Bob, visited The Traders Podcast to discuss a financial transactions tax that was passed in France and is in the process of being passed in 11 countries in Europe. He discusses the possibility of this financial transactions tax coming to the United States.

So, Mr. Green encourages U.S. traders to call their representatives and raise their voices about this financial transactions tax. Bob has provided a petition, which he encourages everyone to sign, in order to block the financial transactions tax in the U.S. Bob asks the listeners to sign this petition, and send it to Congress.

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Sign the petition: Click here.

Web site: Green Trader

Mr. Green’s previous appearance: Episode 57: What to Do If You Get Audited for Traders

Twitter: @GreenTraderTax