Ep 577: When Rob Closes a Mac, He Opens Windows

Thanks, in part, to the long-suffering influence of Traders Podcast listener, Talon, your host Rob Booker recently moved from the Mac platform back to Windows for trading. In Episode 577, Rob and the producer Jason Pyles talk about Rob’s readjustment as he gets used to Windows once again.

This unusual episode features “Dark Rob” talking about a light topic. You hear about surprising developments such as Rob giving up his iPhone X and starting to read the Bible again. Rob doesn’t preach any scripture, but he talks about the clarity he has gained from spending less time on his phone. Read More

Ep 574: Put Down That iPhone X, and Back Away Slowly

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at The Traders Podcast! In Episode 574, your host Rob Booker talks to the producer Jason Pyles about his disappointment with the iPhone X and smartphone culture in general. Listen as Rob considers taking a hiatus from smartphones for a while.

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Episode 38: Finding the Dominant Psychology of the Market

In Episode 38, Rob Booker talks with co-hosts Raghee Horner and Jennifer Thornburg about how to get a big-picture view of the Dominant Psychology of the Market. Rob asks these ladies what it means to do a five-minute analysis of a financial instrument, and how it plays a part in their decision-making process about trading. Rob also asks if, in the world of stocks, since a financial instrument can move down faster than it goes up, do currencies move down faster than they move up. And The Traders Podcast hosts spend some time talking about Apple and its future. Don’t miss it!

Raghee’s Web site: RagheeHorner.com

Jennifer’s Web site: Jennifer.bz