Episode 429: Ask Rob – Where is Gold Going?

Episode 146

Good morning! This morning on Episode 429 your host Rob Booker welcomes Jeff Patterson from Finance Magnates. The two discuss the current situation with the gold market. Find out what Rob likes about gold right now and we how he thinks it will perform in the near future, hypothetically, of course. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 319: Is It Easier to Trade Gold?

It’s the last week of 2014, and The Traders Podcast is sending the year out with a bang! In Episode 319, your host Rob Booker interviews special guest Hubert Senters, the man who famously said on this podcast, “I have rules in place to protect myself from myself.” First Rob asks Hubert what experience taught him to keep his emotions in check while trading, which leads to a conversation about risk-to-reward ratios and win percentage. Next Rob asks why Hubert likes to trade gold. Rob asks about Hubert’s rules that he has in place to protect himself from himself. All of this and more awaits you in Episode 319 of The Traders Podcast. Join us!

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Episode 224: Not Gold, But Bitcoin

In Episode 224, Rob muses about what we should invest in, given that the world is coming to an end via economic collapse. This leads Rob to talk about the significance of water and water-cleansing technologies. Rob also discusses the value of farmland, as well as the growing importance of companies like Tesla Motors. Rob draws some parallels in the reasons for the relevance of all the above. Rob also discusses bitcoin, and how whatever we thought was going to happen with gold is actually going to happen with bitcoin! Bold claims and conspiracy theories abound in Episode 224 of The Traders Podcast. Give us a listen! Read More

Episode 192: Gold, Inter-Market Analysis and Obscure Trading Methods

For Episode 192 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker catches up with market strategist Neal Gilbert, author of “Braving the Rapids.” Rob asks Neal if he has strong opinions about gold (as well as other markets). Rob and Neal also talk about deep inter-market analysis and whether it’s necessary for understanding one’s market of choice.

Rob asks Neal how many screens he has open at any given time and asks what he watches for and why. They talk about patterns and Neal defines “the three-drive pattern.” This leads Rob and Neal into discussing somewhat obscure methods for predicting where the market is going, such as Murrey Math and moon-phase trading!

And finally Rob asks Neal what to do if a trader pulls up one time-frame chart and then starts scanning other time-frame charts only to second-guess the initial plan. Be sure to tune in. We think you’re going to enjoy this episode with our friend, Neal Gilbert. Thanks for listening! Read More

Episode 143: Winning Trading Is About Giving Up Freedom

Somewhere along the southern route of their Trade-for-a-Living Tour, outside of New Orleans, your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried have a rambunctious conversation with Brian, a seasoned trader who has a lot of hilarious and insightful thoughts to share. Brian talks about the difference between trader experts and expert traders. He also talks about the two kinds of people who can teach you to trade. And in this episode, Rob, Brad and Brian discuss how trading is not about freedom; trading is about restricting your actions to what works.

Rob asks Brain what to do if you’re in a losing trade. And Brian describes the big problem with fundamental analysis. Rob and Brad make some observations about precious metals (namely gold). Brad says there’s something that you can learn from everyone. And these three traders talk about wasting weeks (and years) thinking about the way things should be, versus dealing with things as they presently are. And Brian also describes what you need to come to grips with, in order to make progress as a trader. All of this — and so much more — here on The Traders Podcast!


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Episode 58: Germany, Greece, Gold and The New Reality

Rob Booker chats with Raghee Horner, intermarket analyst extraordinaire, who believes that each trader is entitled to his or her own perspective on the market, regardless of dissenting naysayers’ recommendations. During this episode, Raghee talks about the concept of adapting to “The New Reality” that exists in our more or less resilient global market. Rob and Raghee also discuss oil, the Greek economy and the way the interest rate cycle will sometimes precede the commodity cycle. Rob talks to Raghee about her feelings toward gold, its baffling market movements, and the role that gold plays in her analysis. All this and more in Episode 58! Thanks for listening.

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