Episode 308: Traders Podcast Flashback — Why We Trade

Welcome to Episode 308 of The Traders Podcast. In the previous show, your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer talked about occasionally revisiting some of the more noteworthy conversations of the 300-plus episodes of The Traders Podcast. So, what you’re about to hear is a re-release of Episode 40, which originally aired on April 25, 2012. The title of that episode is “Where and Why We Trade for a Living.”

In that particular episode, Rob was joined by The Coach Scott Welsh, who talked about goal-setting. They also discussed whether the location you trade from affects your trading, and whether you can actually trade from anywhere in the world. Episode 40 also introduced a new segment called “Dumb Things That Rob Does…”

But the main reason Jason the producer felt Episode 040 is one for the ages is because of a remarkable epilogue that Rob delivers, where he describes all the reasons why we trade. It may very well be some of the most powerful content in the history of The Traders Podcast — a must-listen. Flashback with us! Read More

Episode 109: Jungle Cat Traders and a 20-Minute Experiment

Your host Rob Booker is joined by special guest, Raghee Horner, the creator of the 34EMA Wave and the GRaB indicator. During this episode, Rob and Raghee chat about breakfast and their morning routines, which leads to a discussion about how food can help (or harm) your trading. Raghee talks about the benefits of trading hungry, “like a jungle cat”… Raghee also shares a story about a professional gambler who felt that food affected his psychology and mental focus.

For the latter half of Episode 109, Rob has, what he calls, the best conversation he’s ever had about goals — and this information is just in time for your New Year’s goal-setting! Raghee explains her “20-Minute Experiment,” which is a fresh approach to goal-setting. You don’t want to miss this one!

Happy holidays from The Traders Podcast.

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THE BATMAN PODCAST: Episode 001 — With Jason and Davy Pyles

Episode 40: Where and Why We Trade for a Living

Rob Booker is joined again by his guest co-host, “The Coach” Scott Welsh, podcasting from Columbus, Ohio. Scott and Rob begin this episode by talking about the importance of knowing what you want when striving to achieve a goal.

Next your trader hosts discuss whether the location you’re trading from affects your trading, and whether you can trade from anywhere in the world (and by the way, where are the greatest places in the world to trade from?). Rob and Scott also consider Las Vegas: Is Sin City the perfect place for traders? Can automated trading enable you to trade from anywhere? Rob lists his favorite trading locations, and he reveals his pick for the greatest city of all time. And if you live in a certain location — which is named in this episode — and you’d like Rob and Scott to come and trade at your home with you for a week or two, then contact us at producer@traderspodcast.com.

Also, in this episode, we introduce a new segment called “Dumb Things That Rob Does,” which pertains to today’s topic.

And finally, Rob concludes Episode 40 with a remarkable epilogue that enumerates the reasons why, exactly, we trade for a living by recounting an unforgettable story about his friend, Mickey — a trader who realized his dreams.

Please leave us a comment, telling us where you trade from and where you’d like to trade from.

Scott Welsh’s Web site: Bossilator.com

This episode is dedicated to Mickey, who successfully did what he always wanted to do.