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Ep 652: Trade – Make Money – Stop

New to trading? Welcome! This episode is for you. Your host is Rob Booker.

There is a lot of information online from supposed traders claiming wild success and telling you to do some pretty crazy things.

New traders, you don’t need to pay anyone any money and you don’t need to buy anything. There’s plenty of free information on YouTube and on Rob’s YouTube Channel.

Here’s what you do: choose a system and focus on that system for a while. Play with 5-10 trading systems in your first year. Rob recommends trying the system in paper trading and small live accounts. Consider this “the dating phase” of trading.

Rob also discusses solid expectations for the first couple of years as a trader and how to make it last as a trader. Thanks for tuning in!

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Ep 643: What I Tell Every Trader who Asks for Advice

Rob gets about 100 social media messages a day and he loves it! He loves hearing from traders and talking about trades. When people asking him for trading advice he generally says the same two things, so this episode is dedicated to telling you just about the most important thing he can think of. Reduce your trade size and wait longer to get into the trade. Thanks for tuning in to Episode 643 of the Traders Podcast with your host Rob Booker. Read More

Ep 642: What is Your Motivation?

Have you ever wondered why you’re able to trade really well for a while when you need to make money, you pay off some bills, and then your success levels off?

In Episode 642 of The Traders Podcast, Rob talks about why we often trade better when we have pre-determined to use our profits to pay down debt.

There is something majorly motivating about working toward paying off debt. Let’s talk about why that is and how to structure our trading so that we can take advantage of this aspect of our psychology. Thanks for tuning in. Psst! And, stay tuned until the end of the show for a sneak peek of the Traders Rap beat!

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