Episode 212: The Market Doesn’t Give an F— About You

In Episode 212 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and his producer, Jason Pyles, dip into the mailbag, so to speak, and address some comments left on the Web site. First they talk about a comment from Tracey, which leads Rob and Jason to talk about whether they should be angrier on the podcast. They also discuss “The Walking Dead,” which leads to a conversation about our patience and tolerance for letting a trade go sideways.

Next we read a question from Ryan about Rob’s forthcoming book(s), so Rob describes “Man vs. Market” and a second book that may tentatively be titled “The Market Doesn’t Give an F— About You.” Rob also answers a comment from Bernie about containing losses, and Felix asks about Rob’s Wallaby indicator. Rob and Jason also answer the question: How long will The Traders Podcast last? How many episodes will it release? Listen to Episode 212 to find out! Thanks for your comments.

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