Episode 286: Take Yourself Off the Hamster Wheel and Trade on the Road to Greatness

Welcome to The Traders Podcast, Episode 286. Your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer begin by reading an e-mail from Ryan, who asks how much profit you can take out of your trading account each month. Rob addresses the irrational fears that traders often have and their feelings of imminent doom. Next Jason talks about the concept of traveling the road to greatness. Rob and Jason explore the general goal or objective that most traders have in order to consider themselves successful. And as a mere side note, Rob also mentions how to become a millionaire in seven years. Don’t miss this one! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 166: Climbing Through Discouragement to Achieve Greatness

We have a very special episode of The Traders Podcast for you today that, oddly enough, isn’t directly about trading at all. … Or is it? This recording was made in May of 2012 for The Goals Podcast (but was never released). It features your host Rob Booker and the producer, Jason Pyles — along with peak-performance coach and trader, Scott Welsh. Our special guest in this episode is a man named Kevin Buetts, who is a professional arm wrestler of 10 years. In 2005, Kevin took 5th place in the World Arm Wrestling Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

During this episode, you’ll hear Rob, Scott and Jason talk to Kevin about climbing through discouragement to achieve greatness. We cover topics such as, how we know if we’re destined for greatness; what motivates us to embark on a goal; the idea that we may already come pre-packaged with raw talent (or is there no such thing as raw talent?). We talk about the humbling journey toward greatness and the fire of determination that seems to burn below the surface of those who become great at something. We talk about pressing forward when the dark time comes and the various roles of fear in achieving greatness. So, if there’s something you want to achieve greatness in — such as trading — then Episode 166 is a must-listen!

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Documentary: TYSON (2009)

We also recommending listening to this related episode featuring Scott Welsh: Ep. 34: Peak Performance Athletics and Trading for a Living From Home

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Episode 138: Stepping Into the Darkness With Raghee Horner

Young Rob BookerIn Episode 138, your host Rob Booker speaks with his good friend, Raghee Horner, author of ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit and the chief market strategist at Interbank FX. Raghee talks to Rob about his Trade-for-a-Living Tour, which leads to a conversation about doing things that scare us and stepping into the darkness as a necessity for moving forward.

Raghee also talks about how “you can’t change anybody’s molecules.” And Rob asks Raghee if Apple is still a great company. Rob poses questions to podcast listeners, as well, such as: What does Apple represent to you these days? Is Apple still relevant to you? Rob also talks about why he thinks the future of Apple is still bright.

Finally, Raghee and Rob muse about the state of technology and speculate on future technologies, such as data storage and much, much more. Join us!


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Episode 134: Is It Possible to Remove Doubt From Your Trading Decisions?

Your host, Rob Booker, follows up his big announcement from Episode 133, where he talks about his Trade-for-a-Living Road Tour. In this show Rob discusses the overwhelming response we’ve had thus far from listeners who have invited Rob to crash at their homes for a night. So, Rob reveals a little more about his itinerary and plans for that trip.

And the thoughts and preparation for actually trading for a living during this road tour have put Rob back in the position of trying to survive by getting by with less. The main theme of this episode is Rob’s discussion about whether it’s even possible to remove all doubt and apprehension from your trading decisions. Is it possible to remove doubt from your trading? Rob gives you his take; let us know what you think.

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Soon you will also be able to find more details about Rob’s Trade-for-a-Living Road Tour here: Rob Booker.com


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Episode 126: For Lisa and Anyone Who Wants to Trade for a Living

In Episode 126, your host Rob Booker has a heart-to-heart talk with a trader named Lisa (and anyone else who wants to trade for a living). Lisa sent us an e-mail with some significant concerns about her goal to trading for a living.

The story will be familiar to too many traders… Lisa is not fond of her day job, and she’s trying to transition to trading for a living as soon as possible, in hopes of improving her situation all the way around. But the road to becoming a full-time trader is often longer and bumpier than we had hoped it would be. So, Rob shares some very candid thoughts and advice with Lisa and any other listener out there who shares her same concerns. Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy this episode.

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Episode 114: The Secret to Fearless Trading

In Episode 114 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker catches up again with 20-year-veteran trader and technical analyst Brian Shannon, the author of the blog Alpha Trends.net and the author of the book “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames.” Rob and Brian discuss trading stocks and some of the finer points to their decision-making process. They talk about the nature of fear — the fear that traders commonly experience, as well as the converse, having fearlessness in approaching the market. Brian explains why he generally isn’t fearful about a position, except for one sort of stock type that Brian is a little leery of…

In Episode 114, you’ll also hear about specializing in setups and opportunities, as well as some steps for minimizing the emotional aspects of having your money on the line. You’ll also hear Rob expound on the dangers of getting married to the story that you’ve sold yourself about a particular stock. This show is a must-listen! Tell your friends!

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Brian on Twitter: @AlphaTrends

Blog: Alpha Trends.net

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Episode 102: Mindful Trading With Author Rande Howell

In this episode, your host Rob Booker is out in the field at a traders’ expo, where he interviews Rande Howell, the founder and owner of Trader’s State of Mind. Rande is a licensed therapist and personal development coach, who combines a knowledge of emotional intelligence and peak-performance to teach traders how to trade beyond fear. Rande is also the author of four books, including “Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game of Trading.”

Rob and Rande discuss a number of concepts, such as mindful trading, archetypes, scarcity-thinking, euphoria, the feeling components of emotions, destructive behaviors, and where our fears come from.

Also, a special video accompanies today’s podcast:

Rob and Rande talk about whether there are hopeless traders who will never be able to change (and if there are any exceptions to Rande’s verdict). Rob and Rande also discuss the practice of taking certain medications to assist one’s trading.

During this episode, Rob also reveals what he deems to be The Greatest Rock Album of All Time! Don’t miss it!

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More About Rande Howell

Web site: Traders State of Mind.com

Book: Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game of Trading

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon

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Episode 80: The Psychology of Trading Part 1

In Episode 80, your intrepid host, Rob Booker, reclines back on a leather chaise lounge chair and explores his deepest, inner child’s feelings with the great Adrienne Toghraie, author of 13 books about discipline and the psychology of trading. Adrienne is a literal expert at coaching traders, brokers and investors on their mental game when it comes to trading.

You’ll hear for yourself that Adrienne is chock full of information about the psychology of trading. She talks to Rob about overcoming the real phenomenon of self-sabotage and the myriad fears that fuel it, such as the fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being wrong and the fear of losing.

Rob and Adrienne discuss how beliefs lie beneath the psychology of trading and that trading is a trip of discovery about yourself. Adrienne also describes those who should be “intuitive discretionary traders” (and those who shouldn’t). Rob asks Adrienne whether trading is for everyone, and she gives a wise answer and backs it up with equally insightful explanations.

In this episode you’ll get to hear Adrienne describe the passion that is required to be a great trader which goes beyond just wanting to make money. But speaking of money, Adrienne describes something that we all do internally which determines how much money we’ll make, and Rob and Adrienne also discuss “the energy of money.” Read More