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Episode 312: Hacking Your Trading Brain

Are you discouraged in your trading? Have you fallen for the lie that most traders are unsuccessful? If so, this show is for you… In Episode 312 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker teaches about “hacking your trading brain.” He discusses how our beliefs lead to principles, rules, and habits, which greatly affect our trading, for better or for worse. So, listen to Episode 312 and learn more through Rob’s free ebook: 16 Rules of Millionaire Traders, which also comes with a set of video lessons. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 216: Goal-Setting and Predictions for 2014

Happy new year! Welcome to 2014. In this episode, your hosts Rob Booker and Jason Pyles talk about the usual new year’s topics… Rob explains how effective goal-setting is really just good forecasting, and he talks more about setting goals on a 10-week year type of schedule. And Jason talks about his Fear of Failure when it comes to goal-setting, and Rob gives us his talk about fear and failure. You’ll also hear what Rob thinks is going to happen in 2014, and Rob and Jason discuss their most anticipated movies of this new year.

Oh, and here is the Jonathan Nolan / Dark Knight interview in three parts below. Thanks for listening and happy 2014!

Jonathan Nolan – Dark Knight interview (PART 1)

Jonathan Nolan – Dark Knight interview (PART 2)

Jonathan Nolan – Dark Knight interview (PART 3)

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Episode 80: The Psychology of Trading Part 1

In Episode 80, your intrepid host, Rob Booker, reclines back on a leather chaise lounge chair and explores his deepest, inner child’s feelings with the great Adrienne Toghraie, author of 13 books about discipline and the psychology of trading. Adrienne is a literal expert at coaching traders, brokers and investors on their mental game when it comes to trading.

You’ll hear for yourself that Adrienne is chock full of information about the psychology of trading. She talks to Rob about overcoming the real phenomenon of self-sabotage and the myriad fears that fuel it, such as the fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being wrong and the fear of losing.

Rob and Adrienne discuss how beliefs lie beneath the psychology of trading and that trading is a trip of discovery about yourself. Adrienne also describes those who should be “intuitive discretionary traders” (and those who shouldn’t). Rob asks Adrienne whether trading is for everyone, and she gives a wise answer and backs it up with equally insightful explanations.

In this episode you’ll get to hear Adrienne describe the passion that is required to be a great trader which goes beyond just wanting to make money. But speaking of money, Adrienne describes something that we all do internally which determines how much money we’ll make, and Rob and Adrienne also discuss “the energy of money.” Read More