episode 33

Episode 67: A Traders Podcast Retrospective

This very special episode is a Traders Podcast Retrospective, which means we’ll be revisiting some of the highlights (according to producer Jason Pyles) from among the first 66 episodes of the show. The objective of this episode is to lure newer listeners back into our archives to catch up on all 22+ hours of The Traders Podcast.

Faithful listeners will recognize excerpts from previous shows where Rob and his guests discussed The Unique Ability, the film “Wall Street” and the idea that greed is good, peak-performance training and trading, and why we trade for a living.

Jason will guide your tour on this walk down memory lane, and he’ll even share a Rob Booker story from Wheeling, West Virginia — back when we ran our previous podcast, Trader Radio.

Episode 33: How Traders Become Their Own Worst Enemy

A must-listen third part of a four-part show, Episode 33 features Rob Booker talking with tennis guru Scott Welsh, the inimitable Jennifer Thornburg and Commander Rob Wilson. This discussion begins with Rob describing how a trading intern of his wanted to conquer his problem of self-discipline because he had become his own worst enemy. Scott talks figuratively about how everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Rob Booker describes an epiphany he received while running in Torty Park regarding the mind and body and movement and stillness. We discuss how honesty can affect your fear of losing money, what happens when not enough is on the line for you as a trader, and the concept of facing the truth because you don’t have time for anything else. Please join us!

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