episode 251

Episode 251: The Twitter Problem

Hi, and welcome to Episode 251 of The Traders Podcast featuring your host, Rob Booker. This is an audio show, but if you’d prefer, you can watch the video version below.

This show begins with an e-mail from Javier, who talks about the PFG Best settlement. (And special thanks to Javier for taking so much time to leave us an iTunes review.) Next Rob answers a trading question from Dave of Columbus, Ohio, about automated trading systems. Next Rob talks about the Twitter problem. Rob and Jason discuss whether they think Twitter has a business model that works and will still be around in the future. Jason also plays a little clip about currency exchange from the TV show “The Office,” starring Steve Carell. Then Jason poses a question about satisfied versus dissatisfied and grateful versus ambitious.

Stick around after the show, because Rob talks about his Trifecta 2 Course.

Thanks for listening (or watching).

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