episode 170

Episode 170: Dress for Success and Mr. Steady

For Episode 170, your host Rob Booker speaks with Mr. Steady himself — veteran trader Jared Johnson, the CEO, founder and president of Day Traders FX.com, about the concept of “dress for success” and whether this strategy has any merit — especially for traders. Rob and Jared also discuss other requisite preparations (such as sufficient rest) that they bring to the table for each new day of trading.

Rob asks Jared why he trades (instead of doing something else). Rob also asks Jared why he’s still trading and if it brings him happiness. Rob even asks Jared what’s the most amount of money he’s ever lost on a single trade and what kept him going after that point. Rob asks Jared what he’s looking to get out of trading. Some interesting questions with some interesting answers… Don’t miss it!

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Jared’s Web site: Day Traders FX.com

Jared on Twitter: @DayTradersFX Read More