episode 151

Episode151: The Rob and Raghee Divergence or: Half Off Is for Walmart

In this episode, your host Rob Booker responds to an inquisitive e-mail from someone that we’ll just call “M.” His e-mail asks a number of questions, including: Why sit in front of your computer and teach people about trading, instead of just flying around the world, enjoying your trading wealth? And there are many other Web sites with a trading room, and so forth, so what makes yours different? So, Rob has a good time fielding M’s queries.

Then, at about 9 minutes into the episode, we’re joined by special guest and friend, Raghee Horner, the creator of the 34EMA Wave and the GRaB indicator. Rob asks Raghee a few questions that are peripherally related to his previous discussion of M’s e-mail. Rob asks Raghee what is the mistake that she keeps making, and in response, she talks about her hit-and-miss affair with stop-losses. And then Rob and Raghee discover their point(s) of divergence as traders! Give this one a listen — we think you’ll have fun!

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