episode 132

Episode 132: How to Self-Publish a Kindle Book

In this very valuable episode, author Rob Booker explains how to self-publish a Kindle book. Rob describes what it means, exactly, to self-publish. He also talks about why self-publishing is a better experience for first-time authors than getting a book produced through a publishing company. During this show Rob highly recommends Guy Kawasaki’s excellent book on self-publishing titled APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book.

Also in this show, Rob talks about a very simple way to go about self-publishing your own paperback book. And he even suggests an idea that’s simpler still: publishing a PDF document of your written work — and selling that document! Rob gives a little crash course on how to market your book, as well. This episode is chock full of resources and great ideas, so if you’re thinking about writing your own trading book, this one’s for you!

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