episode 101

Episode 101: Metal Pigs and Stupid Trucks

In Episode 101, your host Rob Booker brings back listener-favorite Raghee Horner to help answer some great questions. First Rob and Raghee tackle a question from Marco on Twitter, who sends a couple of inquisitive tweets regarding his struggles with trading and finding the system or timeframe that he’s most comfortable with. This leads to a fantastic discussion where Rob and Raghee answer several key questions, including: “Can somebody actually make a living trading from four-hour charts?” Rob and Raghee also talk about the time and commitment that it takes to trade for a living.

For the second half of this episode, The Producer dips into the mail bag for a question from Ian, who asks about what to do if he meets his trading goal mid-week. This turns into a discussion about self-sabotage, among other things. Don’t miss it!

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