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Ep 578: John Henry Trades in His Steel-Driving Hammer for a Robot

Though it may seem unusual, Episode 578 of The Traders Podcast isn’t as bizarre as you might think. Sure, Jason the producer plays a sample from his rap alter ego, “J-Flexx,” and your host Rob Booker briefly talks with J-Flexx about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (don’t worry — no spoilers!). But really, that’s pretty typical stuff for The Traders Podcast, all things considered.

What makes Episode 578 special is a listener feedback text message from Louis, an insightful, 21-year-old steel mill worker in Texas. Louis doesn’t want to work his physically taxing job forever, so he asks Rob for some advice regarding getting started with trading robots!

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Episode 112: The Best-Kept Secret in Currency Trading

“Trading two systems doesn’t make you twice as rich.” — Chris Davison

In Episode 112, your host Rob Booker speaks with Chris Davison about the best-kept secret in the entire world of currency trading. Rob starts off with a very short series of True or False questions for Chris. Next they reflect on how terrible 2012 was for discretionary traders. Rob asks Chris how 2012 went for his automated trading systems, and they speculate on how successful Chris’s automated trading will (or won’t) be in 2013. Rob reveals what percentage of his trading capital is run by an automated trading system, and some of this episode is enhanced with Rob’s unusual trading metaphors involving hobbits and other fantastical beings.

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Episode 95: Systems Trading, Mechanical Trading, Discretionary Trading and Ohio

In this episode, your host Rob Booker speaks with Scott Welsh during one of their famed “Bossilator Sunday night Webinars” about systems trading, mechanical trading, discretionary trading and the ways people mix up the roles they’re supposed to play while using mechanical systems or non-mechanical systems. Rob and Scott also discuss the way we traders sometimes shy away from what will help us be most successful.

Also, Rob and Scott chat about how Ohio (Scott’s home state) has become the epicenter and the focal point in the U.S. election for the president. Join us!

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Episode 78: The Harmonious Coexistence of Discretionary Trading and Automated Trading

In today’s episode, Rob Booker talks with Chris Davison, his partner in building automated trading systems. You’ll hear Rob and Chris discuss the role that automated systems might play in a trader’s discovery of ways to make money. Rob and Chris discuss how to get experience in the markets without spending a great deal of money to get that experience. Their answer: discretionary trading and simultaneously running some automated strategies in the background as a method for learning the process of making the decisions for yourself. And they consider whether this is a prudent approach … or not.

Rob addresses his most common post-seminar question: What do you do now that you’ve attended this live seminar? Rob asks Chris if he makes distinctions among high-frequency trading and long-term trading and medium-term trading when talking about automated systems. They explain how the exchanges and the brokers love scalpers. Rob asks Chris how much draw-down he can withstand. Chris offers his theories about why 95% of traders lose, and his “Wibbley-Wobbly Line Theory.” And, of course, Chris answers the classic question: Is it possible for a retail trader to make money? Join us — you’ll love it!

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Episode 46: Making Your Strategy Automatable and Singapore

In this episode, Rob Booker interviews “Mr. Automatable,” James Chen, who educates traders and is the director of technical analysis at FXDD in New York City — one of the premier MetaTrader shops.

Rob talks to James about how he got started in trading and how he got his current position; they discuss the other markets that James watches — in addition to forex. Rob asks James about his move from discretionary trading to non-discretionary trading, and how he gravitated toward an automated set of rules. They discuss the possibility of fully automating a trading strategy and whether James prefers longer term or shorter term trading.

As an analyst and an educator, James travels all over the world, so Rob asks him about the places he’s been in the last few months, and they discuss the wonderland that is Singapore. Robs asks where James finds the most growth right now in forex trading, Asian traders versus U.S. traders, and we hear James’s advice for someone who is looking to trade forex for the first time. Tune in!

FXDD: http://forex.fxdd.com/