Episode 182: What Happens in Automated Trading — Stays in Automated Trading

Your host Rob Booker wasn’t able to record Episode 182, so Jason the producer gets to chat with “The Coach” — Scott Welsh, co-creator of the Bossilator course and a peak-performance instructor who resides in Columbus, Ohio. Scott and Jason begin by talking about Sin City — Las Vegas, Nevada — and why they’re so fond of it. This leads to a conversation about trading conferences in Vegas. And then Scott and Jason get around to the matter at hand: automated trading.

Jason asks Scott how he can make a living from a strategy that only produces 12 to 13 traders per year. Scott also talks about the challenge of resisting the temptation to interfere with your automated system, which leads to a discussion about discipline and trading psychology. Jason asks Scott who can benefit from automated trading, and they talk about finding an automated trading system (and a programmer) that’s right for you. Listen and subscribe!

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If you’re interested in talking with Scott, you can e-mail him at ScotWelsh ( AT ) gmail.com

Scott on Twitter: @SWelsh66

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Episode 154: Ambition, Discipline and a Losing Week in the Markets

In Episode 154 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker speaks with veteran trader Jared Johnson, the CEO, founder and president of Day Traders FX.com. Rob talks about his losing week of trading, and he asks Jared how he deals with a losing week in the markets. Rob also asks how big a loss Jared would have to suffer before he’d feel some trepidation about sharing the bad news with his wife.

Rob and Jared discuss whether you can you learn anything from a winning trade, and they wonder how much you can really learn from losing trades. They also have a discussion about the relationship between ambition and discipline. And Rob and Jared also start planning their upcoming trading partnership, where they hope to trade an account together to raise money for charity. We think you’ll enjoy this show. Don’t miss it!

“Trading, man … it’s a wild animal — for sure.”
— Jared Johnson, Day Traders FX.com

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Episode 109: Jungle Cat Traders and a 20-Minute Experiment

Your host Rob Booker is joined by special guest, Raghee Horner, the creator of the 34EMA Wave and the GRaB indicator. During this episode, Rob and Raghee chat about breakfast and their morning routines, which leads to a discussion about how food can help (or harm) your trading. Raghee talks about the benefits of trading hungry, “like a jungle cat”… Raghee also shares a story about a professional gambler who felt that food affected his psychology and mental focus.

For the latter half of Episode 109, Rob has, what he calls, the best conversation he’s ever had about goals — and this information is just in time for your New Year’s goal-setting! Raghee explains her “20-Minute Experiment,” which is a fresh approach to goal-setting. You don’t want to miss this one!

Happy holidays from The Traders Podcast.

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Daily Forex Trading Edge.com

Raghee on Twitter: @RagheeHorner

Rob on Twitter: @RobBooker

The Traders Podcast on Twitter: @TradersPodcast

THE BATMAN PODCAST: Episode 001 — With Jason and Davy Pyles

Episode 103: Self-Sabotage – There’s Always Some Reason to Feel Not Good Enough

Rob Booker and his producer Jason Pyles discuss the concept of “self-sabotage” and whether it exists. This episode is a journey of honesty that ultimately leads back to trading.

This conversation begins with Jason talking about his inexplicable, recurring desire to keep getting involved in horror movie podcasting every few months (even though it never seems to be a welcome fit for him).

Rob muses over various phenomena that could be misconstrued and misidentified as self-sabotage. Rob asks if we subconsciously self-sabotage things that we don’t actually want to do (even though we think we want to do them on a conscious level).

A few of the questions from this episode: Is Rob a hedonist? Is Jason a masochist? Does it all come down to discipline? Does it all come down to perspective? Do we engage in destructive behavior in order to lash out because it’s easier than being honest about how we really feel? And are we being honest about what it is that we want most?

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Episode 82: The Psychology of Trading Part 2 – The Energy of Money

In a very unusual episode, Jason Pyles, the producer of The Traders Podcast, steps up to the mic and guest-hosts in Rob’s stead, since his microphone wasn’t working this morning. So, Jason had the pleasure of interviewing the great Adrienne Toghraie of Trading on Target.com for her second visit to The Traders Podcast, as a Part 2 to her appearance in Episode 80.

Adrienne is the author of 13 books about discipline and the psychology of trading, and she’s a literal expert when it comes to coaching traders, brokers and investors on their mental game in trading. Read More

Episode 34: Peak-Performance Athletics and Trading for a Living From Home

Here is the fourth installment with our crackerjack panel of Scott Welsh, Rob Wilson, Jennifer Thornburg and Rob Booker. Episode 34 features story time with Scott Welsh — professional trader and pro tennis coach — who tells us about Matt, a 17-year-old tennis prospect with tremendous potential. Our team uses this story to discuss what kind of prospects a trader would have to possess to potentially trade from home for a living; the disconnect between doing well in practice and how we perform when it actually counts; whether demo trading is a waste of time; the benefits of feeling some pressure; and how desire, form and discipline play into a trader’s success. Meanwhile, Commander Rob Wilson still lives in 1972 Newport, Rhode Island, where he still wears short shorts. You get to hear about that, too.

Find Scott Welsh here: bossilator.com

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Episode 33: How Traders Become Their Own Worst Enemy

A must-listen third part of a four-part show, Episode 33 features Rob Booker talking with tennis guru Scott Welsh, the inimitable Jennifer Thornburg and Commander Rob Wilson. This discussion begins with Rob describing how a trading intern of his wanted to conquer his problem of self-discipline because he had become his own worst enemy. Scott talks figuratively about how everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Rob Booker describes an epiphany he received while running in Torty Park regarding the mind and body and movement and stillness. We discuss how honesty can affect your fear of losing money, what happens when not enough is on the line for you as a trader, and the concept of facing the truth because you don’t have time for anything else. Please join us!

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