Ep 648: David is my Favorite Trader Right Now

Who is your favorite trader right now and why are they your favorite? Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 648. Thanks for tuning in today. Rob Booker wants to talk about a great trading mindset he just heard from David. Hi David! Thanks for your message.

Trading to make a little money is fine. It’s great, even. Rob says, “Go get it.” And, here’s an interesting add on: Build a trading record that proves to investors that you know how to be consistently profitable. This is why David trades.

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Episode 210: Confident Traders Don’t Chase the Market

In Episode 210, your host Rob Booker asks, “How do you become a confident trader?” He answers by recounting more of his adventures from his trading tour from April of this year. Rob tells the story of David, an amazing friend he visited during his trip. In this episode Rob asks if we can want something too badly. Rob talks about how confident traders don’t “chase the market.” Rob says his friend David chased the market, so he gave him counsel to help David get what he wants from the market. Rob gives some steps to also help the listeners of this podcast get what they want. If you’re tired and breathless from chasing the market, listen to this episode and start making the market work for you, because confident traders don’t chase the market. Read More

Episode 165: What Type of Trader Am I?

In Episode 165, your host Rob Booker is joined by Jared Johnson (the founder and lead trader at Day Traders FX.com), to help answer some listener e-mail questions. The first question is an e-mail from David, who’s having a problem with a chat room moderator who won’t stop asking him to share information about his trades! This is a very interesting question, and Rob and Jared rise to the occasion with some great solutions for David. The second question is an e-mail from Robert who asks, “What type of trader am I?,” which leads to a great discussion about identifying where one fits in the markets (and if that even matters at all)… Here again, Rob and Jared deliver for Robert, in an episode that we consider to be “classic Traders Podcast” material. Thanks for listening, and feel free to e-mail us with your questions!

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