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Episode 76: Warning: Market Volatility Ahead & The Fear Index

In this harbinger of an episode, Rob Booker talks with David Rodriguez, a currency strategist at Daily FX.com, about a broad-based, macroeconomic picture and the potential perils that lie ahead in the next month.

Rob and David begin by discussing the state of trading for the summer of 2012, August in particular, while commenting on the market’s recent lack of volatility and how that condition has been rather kind to traders. This leads into a sober chat about some warning signs on the horizon that could cause volatility in the market. David mentions that in September, there are three huge macroeconomic risks fast approaching, namely: U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls, the European Central Bank announcing monetary policy, and a German Constitutional Court ruling, which David describes as a ruling on the legality of the European stability mechanism (the EU Bailout). And Rob mentions that there’s also the upcoming Jackson Hole meetings and the U.S. Federal Reserve’s announcements.

Also in this action-packed episode, Rob and David talk about the VIX (aka “The Fear Index”); whether low volatility leads to high volatility; the risk-on, risk-off trade; and you’ll hear David’s surprising advice for how to proceed when times are tough. Believe us — you don’t want to miss this one!

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BONUS: An Amazing Revelation About the Euro-Swiss Franc

In this 34-minute, blockbuster bonus episode, Rob Booker has another telephone interview with David Rodriguez, a quantitative strategist who publishes his analysis at Daily FX.com. They talk about the crowd and sentiment, trading against the crowd, trading with the crowd, and an exceptional occurrence with the Euro-Swiss Franc.

Rob also asks David some questions about being on the inside, from the broker’s perspective, as well as asking David to describe how he spends his time during the day between analysis and writing. Rob and David also continue their conversation from Episode 30, delving deeper into FXCM’s Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI), discussing what the SSI tells us about retail traders and their style of trading.

Hear all of this — and so much more — in this special, Friday morning bonus episode of The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 30: The SSI and Taking Your Second Trade First

In Part 2 of the “Wine-Tasting and Trading Strategy” episode, Rob Booker and his guest co-host, Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article “Sex and Trading,” talk by phone with David Rodriguez of FXCM.

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How do we know when the market is going to turn, or change directions? David has some ideas about that, and as a quantitative strategist and the curator of the Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI) published by FXCM, he is particularly qualified to talk about how he judges market psychology from the numbers that cross his screen every day.

Episode 29: Wine-Tasting and Trading Strategy

Rob Booker and his guest co-host, Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article “Sex and Trading,” talk over the phone with expert wine-taster, bike-rider and quantitative strategist David Rodriguez of Daily FX.com. In this episode you’ll hear about wine-tasting; an analogy on the making of a good wine and the making of a good trading strategy; the mistake that brand new traders make when creating their trading strategies; and an answer to the question, once and for all, whether one can be cited for bicycling while intoxicated. Join us!

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