dan polinsky

Episode 73: Has It Become Impossible to Make Money From Trading Nowadays?

During this silly, soul-searching, self-assessing show, your intrepid host, Rob Booker, talks to Dan Polinsky, a trader and humorist who lives in Southern California, about the pervasive phenomenon of money loss in the headlines and all around, except for a few successful companies.

Rob asks Dan if it’s even realistic for a trader to expect to make money in this economic climate. And revisiting a popular question that has been discussed on this podcast before (and surely will again), Rob asks Dan how long a trader should expect it to take before he or she can start making money. Please join us, and leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode 12: Oh My Gosh – You Didn’t Say That

In our 12th episode, we couldn’t resist poking fun at business television and the ways that we get caught up in the words of onscreen personalities, even when they don’t say anything at all! This is one of our favorite episodes, and it’s sure to be one of yours, as well.

Rob even forgets what he’s supposed to say at the beginning of the broadcast. It’s all downhill (or uphill) from there!

Episode 11: Why Is Trading So Damn Hard?

Rob’s guest is Dan Polinsky, a trader from Claremont, California, who deals with the pressures of family, work, and even the laundry, as he trades. Rob asks, “Why is trading so easy?” and Dan laughs a bit — and then you’ll join us for a great discussion on why trading seems so damn hard sometimes, how we can make it easier, and more.