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Episode 227: Does a Flash Crash for the Honey Badger of Money Mark a Good Time to Get In?

In Episode 227, your host Rob Booker is joined with special guest Commander Rob Wilson to talk about today’s newsworthy event: Mt. Gox, a major currency exchanger, announced that it is halting all transactions on its exchange, which sent the price of bitcoin dropping… While Rob Booker expresses sympathy for anyone caught in the crossfire of this flash crash, he reassures that bitcoin will survive this — and the question is — does this provide a good time to buy bitcoin? Both Robs say yes! So, Rob Booker is going to jump on the wagon and start buying some bitcoin and put his first $1,000 into bitcoin, stage himself into something and build a position. Hear this fascinating conversation and more during Episode 227 of The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 65: Coffee, Charts and Individual Sovereignty

In this episode, your host, Rob Booker, brings you a special event podcast that features a generous segment from TFL TV’s morning show, “Coffee and Charts,” which is hosted by Commander Rob Wilson and Rob Booker.

Rob squared spends much of this episode talking about what it means to be a sovereign individual, as in, someone who successfully trades for a living and is his or her own boss and conscience.

And the Robs also wander off into other topics concerning geography of the United Kingdom, political science lessons, and other entertaining shenanigans. Please tune in; we think you’ll enjoy this episode!

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TFL TV’s: “Coffee and Charts”

Episode 33: How Traders Become Their Own Worst Enemy

A must-listen third part of a four-part show, Episode 33 features Rob Booker talking with tennis guru Scott Welsh, the inimitable Jennifer Thornburg and Commander Rob Wilson. This discussion begins with Rob describing how a trading intern of his wanted to conquer his problem of self-discipline because he had become his own worst enemy. Scott talks figuratively about how everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Rob Booker describes an epiphany he received while running in Torty Park regarding the mind and body and movement and stillness. We discuss how honesty can affect your fear of losing money, what happens when not enough is on the line for you as a trader, and the concept of facing the truth because you don’t have time for anything else. Please join us!

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Episode 32: Breakfast in Bed With Commander Wilson and Friends

The second of a four-part show, Episode 32 features Rob Booker talking over breakfast in bed with Commander Rob Wilson, Jennifer Thornburg and Scott Welsh. We continue our discussion on the time, space and force equation; we talk about the importance of respecting the amount you have in your trading account, while considering the age-old question of whether size matters; we discuss what constitutes success; how a trader can make projections about his or her success without being delusional; how to avoid missing that revelatory moment of clarity; how long it takes to “get it” and become a so-called professional trader; and the episode wraps with Rob’s round of rapid-fire questions for panel of co-hosts.

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Episode 31: Know the Market and Know Yourself

Episode 31 is the first of four shows that build in co-host numbers and intensity, so you’re going to love these next two weeks of The Traders Podcast. In this first part, Rob Booker is joined by guest co-host Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article, “Sex and Trading,” and together they interview Commander Rob Wilson.

Rob kicks off this show by reading some newspaper headlines to hear how they might affect Jennifer’s and Rob Wilson’s trading for the day. They also talk about adapting one’s methodology to suit one’s personality, and Commander Rob Wilson — the self-proclaimed General of His Pips — explores the analogy of comparing trading to warfare by talking about force, space and time in warfare and how those three factors are the same in trading. He also quotes from the popular book, “The Art of War,” by the Chinese war theorist Sun Tzu, and he discusses the valuable principles of knowing the market and knowing yourself.

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