Episode 475: Traders’ Boot Camp and Discipline University

Happy Friday Traders Podcast listeners. This morning Rob is here with Jason Pyles to continue the discussion from Ep. 470 about how to turn $250 into $100,000. What is the magical element to making this kind of money? Well, it’s not fun. You have to back yourself into a corner and manufacture a crisis in your life. It’s exciting though, and to prove it, Rob and Jason discuss the greatest movies that illustrate this against-all-odds kind of rise to the top. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 282: The Difficult Change That You Need to Make


In Episode 282 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker talks with Jason the producer about the difficult change that you know you need to make. Rob talks about the obstacles that traders face when they need to make such a change. He says some people don’t have a road map; they don’t know what to do next. Rob also discusses two options for the process of making a change: the self-taught direction and the mentor direction. Rob talks about the importance of having a goal and a destination in mind. Rob also reveals what he thinks is one of the best trading strategies in the world! Rob also takes a trade on the spot during the podcast, so we’ve posted the chart above. Enjoy! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 205: Change, Scaling Into a Position, and Avoiding Remorse in Trading

For Episode 205, your host Rob Booker muses about the facets of change. Rob also talks about two steps that traders can take to avoid the equivalent of “home buyers’ remorse” in trading. Rob also discusses scaling in to a position. Rob talks about our tendency to add to our losing positions and yet, when things are going well, we tend to slam on the brakes.

Rob also recommends some good resources for traders during this episode. You can find some good information by going to and looking up support and resistance. Rob also recommends reading Pring on Price Patterns by Martin Pring. Then there’s Edwards and McGee’s Technical Analysis of Stock Trends — another great resource. Also, Rob says you can order excellent DVDs on support and resistance trading at And Rob says you should also check out Edge Read More