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Episode 309: Long-Term Sustainable Performance as a Trader

Episode 309 of The Traders Podcast has a couple of confessions and an apology from your host Rob Booker. Juicy, right?

Rob begins the show by talking about the benefits of changing your scenery, if only briefly, to reinvigorate your trading. Next we read an e-mail from Alex and listen to a clip from another trading podcast that he recommends. That leads Rob to talk about the challenges of trying to regulate morality in a profession that’s driven to accumulate money.

Rob also mentions a series of videos that he’ll be releasing next Monday, December 1, 2014, and he reveals that Harry Banes (the character from Adventures of a Currency Trader) is back in a free eBook that will also be available on December 1.

Finally, Rob talks about how the short-cuts we take in life to get ahead are not the answer for a long-term, sustainable performance as a trader. And to this end, Rob tells a couple of stories that you may find very entertaining and slightly scandalous! Don’t miss it!

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