calamity collapse and trading redemption

Episode 242: TraderRadio Flashback — Calamity, Collapse and Trading Redemption

It has been exactly 132 episodes since we last had a TraderRadio Flashback! For those who don’t know, (circa 2008 – 2009) was the precursor to The Traders Podcast. We sometimes enjoy looking back at the concerns of the day five years ago and comparing how they relate to our present trading. So, in this recording you’ll hear your host, Rob Booker, chatting with his old friends Corbin Layton and Joshua Hauck (the Ohio River swimmer) in an episode recorded on June 15, 2009, titled “Calamity, Collapse and Trading Redemption.” Rob and the boys talk about the transformation that occurs within a trader after experiencing a margin call (or some other humbling experience). And they also spend some time talking about some news items pertaining to the summer of 2009, such as the Eurozone economy, as well as the dollar bear trend and more. Thanks for listening!

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