Episode 246: The Retirement Lie — Part 4

In this fourth and final episode on The Retirement Lie, our guest host Scott Welsh begins with answering a comment from Brian. Then Scott and Jason the producer run the numbers to demonstrate a few possibilities for a nearby retirement, as well as a far off one. Scott discusses fear and what we could potentially achieve, depending on our risk tolerance. This series is now complete and has spanned from Episodes 243 to 246. Your regular host, Rob Booker, will return on Monday for Episode 247. But we’ve been grateful to have The Coach as our guest host for the past two weeks. Thanks, Scott! And thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 175: Steven Cohen, SAC Capital and the Possible Return of The Honest Man

Episode 175 is a classic Traders Podcast episode… First you’ve got your host, Rob Booker, riffing on the newsworthy Steven A. Cohen and his giant hedge fund, which is now under indictment. Rob muses about whether SAC Capital cheated, and he underscores the Federal Government’s ingenious money management technique… All this naughtiness inspires Rob to ask whether there will be a “Return of The Honest Man,” and whether you’d cheat to profit financially (if you were sure of not getting caught). And as it naturally would, this train of thought leads Rob into a discussion of steroid use in Major League Baseball.

Next Rob addresses a listener e-mail from Brian about focusing on what’s important first and prioritizing your day of trading. And all of this begins with Rob and Jason coming clean about what the heck happened with the comment backlog on The Traders Podcast Web site. Thank you for listening — enjoy! Read More

Episode 169: Our Rocket Ship Stock Market, the Unemployment Rate and a Traders Podcast Box Set?

We think Episode 169 is a good time, and we think you’ll agree… First of all, our friend Keiron wrote and asked about purchasing every one of The Traders Podcast episodes in one fell swoop, so we entertain ourselves as we entertain that thought.

Rob also spends some time talking about our rocket ship stock market and the employment market. Are we in some kind of a fake recovery because the economy is not creating jobs fast enough to replace the jobs that were lost during the financial crisis? Rob discusses how the unemployment rate factors in — and how it doesn’t factor in the people who have given up and dropped out of the job market altogether. Rob notes that there are under-employed people who are making less than they used to, and how that’s throwing off the numbers, as well.

Other questions posed in this episode: Read More

Episode 143: Winning Trading Is About Giving Up Freedom

Somewhere along the southern route of their Trade-for-a-Living Tour, outside of New Orleans, your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried have a rambunctious conversation with Brian, a seasoned trader who has a lot of hilarious and insightful thoughts to share. Brian talks about the difference between trader experts and expert traders. He also talks about the two kinds of people who can teach you to trade. And in this episode, Rob, Brad and Brian discuss how trading is not about freedom; trading is about restricting your actions to what works.

Rob asks Brain what to do if you’re in a losing trade. And Brian describes the big problem with fundamental analysis. Rob and Brad make some observations about precious metals (namely gold). Brad says there’s something that you can learn from everyone. And these three traders talk about wasting weeks (and years) thinking about the way things should be, versus dealing with things as they presently are. And Brian also describes what you need to come to grips with, in order to make progress as a trader. All of this — and so much more — here on The Traders Podcast!


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