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Episode 301: Jeff Bezos, Ebola and Trading

In Episode 301 of The Traders Podcast, Jason the producer plays a couple of audio clips to hear the responses of your host, Rob Booker. The first clip is about Jeff Bezos of, and the next sound bite pertains to the Ebola outbreak. And finally, Rob answers a voicemail from Brian F., who calls in from Mississippi. We had a good time recording this show, and we think you’ll have fun, too. Join us!

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Episode 277: Weekly Options for Day Trading

In Episode 277 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker kicks off the show by talking about some recent computer woes and Matt LaCoco’s mind-blowing computer specs. Then Rob announces the limited-time availability of his much-anticipated new system:

Here is the link for Rob’sTRIFECTA 3 TRADING SYSTEM
(Trifecta 3 will only be available from today, August 4, 2014, through Friday, August 8, 2014.)

Next Rob talks about the books he’s been reading lately. And then there’s a discussion about a forthcoming trading eBook from listener and friend, Raihanaty. Next topic: A listener who’s been fairly vocal in his criticisms of Mr. Booker. Then Rob addresses a constructive criticism from a listener who complained that there’s too much non trading-related small talk on this podcast. After that Rob answers a question from Brian F. regarding weekly options for day trading. Rob briefly addresses the question of whether diversification works well for a trader. And finally, Rob and Jason conclude with the first four points of Serge’s 8 Things I’ve Learned From Rob Booker list. Thanks for listening.

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Rob’s Trifecta 3 Trading System

List of available options that you can trade on weeklies:

Jason’s book recommendation: The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer by Anthony Bruno

Jason’s wife’s Book Review Podcast

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Episode 256: Sometimes It’s Just the Person With the Bigger Hemi

Welcome to Episode 256 of The Traders Podcast. This show begins with Rob discussing how the bank Credit Suisse pled guilty to “criminal wrong-doing” in a felony case. This leads Rob to a rant where he asks why everything is broken in the U.S. government, and yet it’s still hungry for more.

Then we open the Mailbag again! The first few comments come from Ryan, Simon, Sean from Atlanta and Daljit in response to Jason’s question about gratitude versus ingratitude, satisfied versus dissatisfied. And then we move into some spicier comments from the likes of the infamous Brian F., as well as from our friend, James. It’s a rip-roarin’ good time. Thanks for writing to us, and thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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