Episode 171: Are Spikes in the FX Market Caused by Computer Algorithms?

During Episode 171, your host Rob Booker speaks with “The Coach” — Scott Welsh, co-creator of the Bossilator course and a peak-performance instructor who resides in Columbus, Ohio. Rob and Scott tackle an e-mail from an inquisitive and concerned listener who goes by “Space Pip” (on Twitter). Apparently, Space Pip has been hearing more and more lately that there are spikes in the FX market that have been caused by computer algorithms, so Rob and Scott address the veracity of this theory.

Of course, this leads to Rob’s vision of what would actually happen if computers took over the world. Along the way, Rob takes a stab at describing what a spike is and where spikes come from. And this e-mail leads Scott to worry a little about the presence of “the world is out to get me” mentality. Oh, and don’t miss Rob’s radical solutions for solving insider trading! All this and so much more in Episode 171 of The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 49: Fair Value, Facebook and the Euro-Swiss

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