Episode 227: Does a Flash Crash for the Honey Badger of Money Mark a Good Time to Get In?

In Episode 227, your host Rob Booker is joined with special guest Commander Rob Wilson to talk about today’s newsworthy event: Mt. Gox, a major currency exchanger, announced that it is halting all transactions on its exchange, which sent the price of bitcoin dropping… While Rob Booker expresses sympathy for anyone caught in the crossfire of this flash crash, he reassures that bitcoin will survive this — and the question is — does this provide a good time to buy bitcoin? Both Robs say yes! So, Rob Booker is going to jump on the wagon and start buying some bitcoin and put his first $1,000 into bitcoin, stage himself into something and build a position. Hear this fascinating conversation and more during Episode 227 of The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 224: Not Gold, But Bitcoin

In Episode 224, Rob muses about what we should invest in, given that the world is coming to an end via economic collapse. This leads Rob to talk about the significance of water and water-cleansing technologies. Rob also discusses the value of farmland, as well as the growing importance of companies like Tesla Motors. Rob draws some parallels in the reasons for the relevance of all the above. Rob also discusses bitcoin, and how whatever we thought was going to happen with gold is actually going to happen with bitcoin! Bold claims and conspiracy theories abound in Episode 224 of The Traders Podcast. Give us a listen! Read More