Episode 480: Interview with Pro Trader Shonn Campbell

Hello Traders Podcast listeners! Welcome to Episode 480. This morning your host Rob Booker drops a line to Shonn Campbell, the super-successful pro-trader and author of Inventory Trading: How I Run My Trading Account Like a Retail Inventory Manager. Rob says this was the best book of 2014. If you are interested in a completely new trading philosophy, something that is much more long-term, then Shonn’s shoe store analogy just might be exactly what you are looking for! You’ll love today’s show!

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Episode 186: Rob’s Turtle Traders Reality Show Contest

Here is another interesting episode of The Traders Podcast — once again — thanks to our listeners… Your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles begin the show by addressing a Spanish listener’s concerns that we did not show the proper love and respect for Spain in Episode 185. So, Rob expresses his feelings about Spain, and for the first time in Traders Podcast history, Jason has his wife, Natalie Pyles, say a few words. Next we got an e-mail from Steve, who’s asking for some clarification about when the London market opens, exactly… To get some additional insight on this question, Rob calls his friend Boris Schlossberg’s personal cell phone (while on the air) to get the answer.

We also received an e-mail from Bill, who wrote in with some results from his “Coin Toss EA.” And next we get a suggestion from Pablo, who asks if Rob would devise “The Turtle Trader Experiment” by assembling a team of turtle traders to be trained by Rob’s expert trader friends and then watch the students trade for a living with their own money. (You already know what Rob’s answer will be…) And finally, Dave writes in to the show to ask Rob to explain ETFs. Dave also asks whether Jennifer ever finished automating her trading system. Thanks for listening!

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