Ep 577: When Rob Closes a Mac, He Opens Windows

Thanks, in part, to the long-suffering influence of Traders Podcast listener, Talon, your host Rob Booker recently moved from the Mac platform back to Windows for trading. In Episode 577, Rob and the producer Jason Pyles talk about Rob’s readjustment as he gets used to Windows once again.

This unusual episode features “Dark Rob” talking about a light topic. You hear about surprising developments such as Rob giving up his iPhone X and starting to read the Bible again. Rob doesn’t preach any scripture, but he talks about the clarity he has gained from spending less time on his phone. Read More

Episode 141: One Weekly Inventory, Two Trades Per Day and 17 Weeks of Consistency

Duane Hope and Rob BookerFor this episode of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried talk with Duane Hope of Aurora, Colorado (pictured with Rob). Duane is a remarkable person who says organization and consistency did not come naturally for him, and yet he is now a very disciplined and successful trader, with 17 weeks in a row of consistent trading performance!

Duane believes that reporting his pips daily gives himself a disincentive for following his rules. So, Rob and Brad talk to him about his practice of taking a personal accountability inventory at the end of each week, as opposed to each day. They also discover that Duane limits himself to just two trades per day.

Rob talks to Duane about his favorite and most inspirational books and authors, including American author and personal success guru, Napoleon Hill. Rob also asks Duane to share how his faith in God and the Bible have informed his life as a trader. Tune in and join us — you’ll like it!


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