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Episode 177: August Trading – A Real Super Summer Slow Low-Volume Kind of Month

For Episode 177, your host Rob Booker speaks with veteran trader Jared Johnson, the CEO, founder and president of Day Traders about August trading. First Rob and Jared bring you an update on their charity trading account. Next Jared laments that the market has been so “August-ey” this month, which leads Rob to talk about his history of August trading and what had made this year different for him. Rob and Jared discuss how sometimes we think our trading system is broken, but in reality, the market conditions are just not favorable for trading. They talk about the trap that people who trade for a living fall into, namely, thinking they must be in the markets every day and refusing to take a vacation, in order to avoid “missing something.”

Jared talks about the popular practice of bragging about how busy we are and how busyness is en vogue. Rob discusses knowing when to walk away because you’re not at your peak-performance level. And Rob and Jared chat about learning what you don’t do well and then adjusting accordingly. All of this and more in Episode 177 of The Traders Podcast. Don’t miss it!

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