are you a professional victim of currency trading?

Ep 568: Are You a Professional Victim of Currency Trading?

In Episode 568 of The Traders Podcast, your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles talk about fear and how bad experiences with trading can haunt you and tend to affect your perception of yourself and your ability to trade successfully.

Jason cites singer-songwriter Glen Phillips who sings about this victim-mentality rut in his song, “Professional Victim.” Technically, the possibility of success always exists, so it’s never completely impossible to make money. Unfortunately, sometimes we convince ourselves of the defeatist C-3PO perspective that “we seem to be made to suffer” and that being an unprofitable trader is just “our lot in life.”

Join us for Episode 568, so Rob can explain how to break out of the victim cycle of abuse from the currency markets. Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast. We release new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Subscribe free in iTunes and leave us a review!

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