Episode 169: Our Rocket Ship Stock Market, the Unemployment Rate and a Traders Podcast Box Set?

We think Episode 169 is a good time, and we think you’ll agree… First of all, our friend Keiron wrote and asked about purchasing every one of The Traders Podcast episodes in one fell swoop, so we entertain ourselves as we entertain that thought.

Rob also spends some time talking about our rocket ship stock market and the employment market. Are we in some kind of a fake recovery because the economy is not creating jobs fast enough to replace the jobs that were lost during the financial crisis? Rob discusses how the unemployment rate factors in — and how it doesn’t factor in the people who have given up and dropped out of the job market altogether. Rob notes that there are under-employed people who are making less than they used to, and how that’s throwing off the numbers, as well.

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Episode 138: Stepping Into the Darkness With Raghee Horner

Young Rob BookerIn Episode 138, your host Rob Booker speaks with his good friend, Raghee Horner, author of ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit and the chief market strategist at Interbank FX. Raghee talks to Rob about his Trade-for-a-Living Tour, which leads to a conversation about doing things that scare us and stepping into the darkness as a necessity for moving forward.

Raghee also talks about how “you can’t change anybody’s molecules.” And Rob asks Raghee if Apple is still a great company. Rob poses questions to podcast listeners, as well, such as: What does Apple represent to you these days? Is Apple still relevant to you? Rob also talks about why he thinks the future of Apple is still bright.

Finally, Raghee and Rob muse about the state of technology and speculate on future technologies, such as data storage and much, much more. Join us!


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Episode 117: Apple in 2013

In this much-anticipated episode, your host Rob Booker and his producer Jason Pyles start out by chatting about some litigation drama that’s going on in the podcasting world. And this leads into Rob’s thoughts on the future of Apple in 2013. He begins by talking about how Apple’s stock has fallen a significant amount over the past few months and some of the reasons for this decline.

Rob also discusses the oddly changing perspectives where Apple goes from being considered the greatest stock in the world to Apple being called the worst company of all time. Then Jason and Rob talk about how Apple may relate to the fall of the Roman Empire and may be suffering from “the tall poppy syndrome.” And for the remainder of the show, Rob and Jason drift into wild speculation on various scenarios that could spell doom or delight for Apple in 2013. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 84: Making a Lot of Money in a Short Amount of Time Through Trading

Can you make a lot of money (from trading) in a short period of time? Is it a mistake to enter the world of trading because you’re in a financial bind and you need a substantial amount of money fast? Well, these are questions whose answers usually yield some kind of discouraging lecture on prudence.

But in Episode 84, Rob Booker gives you the other side of the story and actually answers these questions, telling traders how they might go about such an endeavor as making a lot of money in a short amount of time through trading. You don’t want to miss this one! Tune in, and please leave us your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you for listening.

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Episode 49: Fair Value, Facebook and the Euro-Swiss

Continuing on the hot topic of Facebook, Rob Booker speaks with “The Coach,” Scott Welsh, about trading back to fair value and comparing Facebook’s IPO and the Euro-Swiss currency pair. They discuss whether it’s too early to judge what fair value is for Facebook, and whether one can accurately assess fair value from a chart. Rob and Scott also take a look at Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple and J.P. Morgan to help illustrate their discussion. Rob also compares Apple’s and Facebook’s price-to-earnings ratios. Fun stuff. Please subscribe and join us!

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Episode 38: Finding the Dominant Psychology of the Market

In Episode 38, Rob Booker talks with co-hosts Raghee Horner and Jennifer Thornburg about how to get a big-picture view of the Dominant Psychology of the Market. Rob asks these ladies what it means to do a five-minute analysis of a financial instrument, and how it plays a part in their decision-making process about trading. Rob also asks if, in the world of stocks, since a financial instrument can move down faster than it goes up, do currencies move down faster than they move up. And The Traders Podcast hosts spend some time talking about Apple and its future. Don’t miss it!

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