Episode 238: Exploring Matt LaCoco’s Concept of Allowance

In Episode 238, your host Rob Booker explores Matt LaCoco’s concept of allowance. But this conversation is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Rob would actually like to hear more from Matt on this topic.

So, tell Matt LaCoco that you’d like to hear his thoughts on allowance on Twitter here: @MattLaCoco Be sure to ask him to write an essay on his blog about allowance.

Rob also talks about ideas circling around ingratitude and being discontent with the state of what you have (or what you don’t have). Rob asks whether constant improvement is a myth, and he suggests that an over-emphasis on improvement can lead to a lot of unhappiness. We talk about the problems of interfering and getting in the way of what’s already working sufficiently. And this episode touches on the ideas of contentment, complacency, ambition and innovation. Don’t miss it! Thanks for listening.

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Episode 211: Conquering the Need to Conquer the World

In Episode 211, your favorite armchair philosopher and podcast host Rob Booker describes the unseemly text message chain that’s been created over the past 8 months through his correspondence with fellow traders Shonn Campbell and Matt LaCoco. The subject of this episode was sparked when Shonn sent a page from a book he’s reading, and Rob shares this excerpt about some naked wise men sitting in the path of Alexander the Great. This little anecdote leads to some musing about ambition. Rob tells us the truth about ambition — what it is, and what it isn’t; when it’s useful and when it’s useless. So, listen to Episode 211 and get ready to philosophize with The Traders Podcast.

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Episode 154: Ambition, Discipline and a Losing Week in the Markets

In Episode 154 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker speaks with veteran trader Jared Johnson, the CEO, founder and president of Day Traders Rob talks about his losing week of trading, and he asks Jared how he deals with a losing week in the markets. Rob also asks how big a loss Jared would have to suffer before he’d feel some trepidation about sharing the bad news with his wife.

Rob and Jared discuss whether you can you learn anything from a winning trade, and they wonder how much you can really learn from losing trades. They also have a discussion about the relationship between ambition and discipline. And Rob and Jared also start planning their upcoming trading partnership, where they hope to trade an account together to raise money for charity. We think you’ll enjoy this show. Don’t miss it!

“Trading, man … it’s a wild animal — for sure.”
— Jared Johnson, Day Traders

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