40 percent club

Episode 335: Announcing the Winner for the Forty Percent Club Mentee

40 Percent Club

Welcome to The Traders Podcast, Episode 335, where your host Rob Booker announces our new Forty Percent Club mentee! In this show, Rob talks about some of the primary principles involved in becoming a Forty Percent Club member. And please keep in mind, even if you weren’t selected to be our Forty Percent Club mentee, you can still take this journey with Luke and with us.

It may sound strange, but this historic episode marks the beginning of a shift in what we know as The Traders Podcast… It’s always been about making money, but we’ve often focused on “other successful traders who have made money.” Now we’re going to be focused on our listeners making money!

Join us for this episode and become a member of the Forty Percent Club (pictured above). It’s coming soon!

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