Ep 634: Scott Heywood on Surviving to Trade Tomorrow (and Next Week)

Continuing on with our interview series, Episode 634 of The Traders Podcast brings you the wisdom of Scott Heywood. He talks about his primary trading goal of just surviving to trade tomorrow and next week! Scott says he doesn’t consider himself a trend trader or even a counter trend trader. He doesn’t make his decisions...

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Ep 633: Raghee Horner on Proving a Good Trade With Price

Welcome back to The Traders Podcast! Your host Rob Booker continues his interview series with the great trend trader Raghee Horner! She talks about the importance of having a short memory when it comes to good trades (as well as the bad ones). Raghee encourages the listeners to not take a stop-loss personally. In fact,...

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Ep 632: Scott Welsh on Beating the Market

In Episode 632 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker poses a number of interview questions for guest Scott Welsh to answer at his leisure. In this show, we ask what it means to “beat the market”? Better yet, how does one beat the market? For Scott Welsh, beating the market means creating a...

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Ep 631: The Genesis of a Traders’ Rap

In a very unusual episode of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker talks with the producer Jason Pyles about some of the themes of trading, including the perpetual pursuit of more time, money and influence. Traders are also commonly subject to disappointment, heartbreak, depression, confusion, anger and self-sabotage. Traders are also full of hope...

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Ep 630: The Clarity That Comes From Disappointment

Episode 630 of The Traders Podcast addresses a prominent condition of currency trading: disappointment. In this show, your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles discuss the clarity that comes from disappointment. We also talk about the way we conduct ourselves in the presence of various people, due to perceived expectations, and how this...

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Ep 629: Principles of Trend Trading

Welcome to Episode 629 of The Traders Podcast, featuring your host, Rob Booker. During this show, Rob discusses how trend trading is accompanied by inherent weaknesses and obstacles that can’t be avoided. Even so, many traders still believe in trend trading as if it were “a trading religion,” of sorts. In fact, it seems that...

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