Ep 646: The Trading Systems Don’t Work

Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 646. Special guest host Jason Smith is here with us today sharing motivating insights into trading and personal responsibility. Declare yourself to be responsible for your equity curve. Be the person who causes your equity cure to increase. Jason’s applied this same ownership to other areas of his life...

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Ep 645: Get the Details Right!

Hey! If you’re are interested trading Forex check out ForestParkFX or give them a call at 877.557.3739 and get cash-back rebates on every trade you place. Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 645. Today Rob is talking about the benefits of being assertive as a trader. First of all, here’s a huge shout out to...

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Ep 644: Stop Being a Jerk

Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 644. Thank you so much for tuning in. We are so glad you are here! Rob has something great to share with you today. He’s talking about how to know which trading systems work and how to make them work for you. There’s no magic answer here and it...

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Ep 643: What I Tell Every Trader who Asks for Advice

Rob gets about 100 social media messages a day and he loves it! He loves hearing from traders and talking about trades. When people asking him for trading advice he generally says the same two things, so this episode is dedicated to telling you just about the most important thing he can think of. Reduce...

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Ep 642: What is Your Motivation?

Have you ever wondered why you’re able to trade really well for a while when you need to make money, you pay off some bills, and then your success levels off? In Episode 642 of The Traders Podcast, Rob talks about why we often trade better when we have pre-determined to use our profits to...

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Ep 641: Are There Natural Laws of Trading?

Happy New Year! Your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles are back! Thanks for sticking with us. In Episode 641, Rob and Jason announce the world premiere of The Traders Rap coming on January 31st! Are you ready for it? Get excited! There are all kinds of natural laws of the universe. We...

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