Ep 652: Trade – Make Money – Stop

New to trading? Welcome! This episode is for you. Your host is Rob Booker. There is a lot of information online from supposed traders claiming wild success and telling you to do some pretty crazy things. New traders, you don’t need to pay anyone any money and you don’t need to buy anything. There’s plenty...

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Ep 650: Stupid Excuses We All Make

Hey! If you’re are interested trading Forex check out ForestParkFX or give them a call at 877.557.3739 and get cash-back rebates on every trade you place. Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 650 with your host Rob Booker. Over the years Rob has known a lot of traders. He can usually tell who will be...

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Ep 649: Pay Defense!

Rob’s got Italy and soccer on the brain today and you’re in for a treat! Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 649. Your host is Rob Booker. Thanks for tuning in. Looking at soccer as an analogy for trading is pretty telling, and fun. But who is “the other team” in trading? It’s the market....

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Ep 648: David is my Favorite Trader Right Now

Who is your favorite trader right now and why are they your favorite? Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 648. Thanks for tuning in today. Rob Booker wants to talk about a great trading mindset he just heard from David. Hi David! Thanks for your message. Trading to make a little money is fine. It’s...

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Ep 647: The Worst Advice I Ever Got

What’s the worst advice you ever got? Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 647. Special episode in store for you today as Rob recounts the worst advice he ever got, when it was, who gave it and what he did with it. Things just aren’t that black and white, are they? Conversations do change the...

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