Episode 97: The Story of Your Trading Career

In Episode 97, your host, Rob Booker, asks you to reflect upon the story of your trading career. Using something that The Producer said as a launching point, Rob springboards from this conversation into encouraging traders to invest in the adequate preparation needed to become a well-rounded and successful trader.

Rob also takes a few minutes to answer a question from Mr. Tom McMahon about a book that Rob referred to in a previous episode of The Traders Podcast. Rob reads an excerpt from the portion in question. And Rob concludes this episode with a story of his own — a little cautionary tale, of sorts, that we think you’ll enjoy. Listen!

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(By the way, if you stick around after the closing music, Rob and Jason geek out a little bit about “Star Wars”…)

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2 comments on Episode 97: The Story of Your Trading Career

  1. 60minuteman says:

    Adam and Joe should be used in any future star wars episodes

  2. Philipe Rubio says:

    Edvard “Munch” is the name of a Norwegian painter, best known for his 1895 painting Skrik (The Scream).

    This painting did set the Guinness World Record for the most expensive painting sold at auction (Sotheby’s in New York), it was sold for an incredible $119,922,500 US dollars in May 2012.

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