Episode 93: How to Evaluate a Trading System

As promised in Episode 91, your host Rob Booker returns to a great question submitted by a listener from London, UK, named Justin — whom Rob has designated as “Podcast Listener of the Week.” Congrats, Justin! In this first of two episodes, Rob focuses on a portion of Justin’s question pertaining to how to evaluate a trading system.

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2 comments on Episode 93: How to Evaluate a Trading System

  1. Jean François says:

    Hello Rob,
    I absolutely love the show!! You are such an inspiration. In episode 91 of the traderspodcast you answerred a listener’s question about trend trading vs trend following and i though it might be a good idea for you to interview a trend follower disciple to get into their mind and understand their way of thinking. I have one person in head his name is Steve Burns, (@SJosephBurns on twitter), he is a very knowledgeable, profitable and consistent trader who actually likes to help new traders in their quest to become successful traders. A true giver like yourself! He has a blog (newtraderu.com) which is entierly free with lots of interesting articles about subjects like trading psychology, discretionary trading vs systematic trading, trend following vs other types of trading amongst others. He is also the top reviewer of trading books on amazon and have read thousands of them. He is a very simple, open minded and goal oriented type of guy and i thought it might make an interesting podcast if you could interview him. Thanks again Rob and Jason!

  2. Raja says:

    people like to fantasize about what they dont have. It helps them cope with life. if for a few hours you could pnteerd you were a millionaire, you’d most likely take the time to do so sort of the same reason why every guy that walks out of a kung fu movie thinks they can kick everyones ass they like to get involved with the fantasy that they too can do kung fu. this is why physics are exaggerated in action movies as every parked bicycle explodes and cars can jump off of ramps in common city streets

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