Episode 91: Trend-Following Versus Trend-Trading

It’s time for another mail bag episode! Your host Rob Booker dips into the feedback that we’ve received, and he answers you — the listeners — directly, addressing your comments and questions. We are sincerely grateful to receive any e-mails or comments from you, and we’re thankful that you listen to The Traders Podcast.

During Episode 91, Rob answers Pablo from Farmington, Connecticut, who asks Rob to describe the mental state of an ultra-professional trader. Next Rob responds to comments from John, who attended Rob’s session on the bossilator trading system at the Chicago Money Show. John also asked about leaving reviews for this podcast in iTunes. April responds with some feedback to Episode 86, where Rob talked about finishing what you start.

Justin from London, UK, writes an ambitious question about trading systems that Rob is going to dedicate Episode 92 to answering. Next Rob answers a question from Ivan about the difference between trend-following and trend-trading. Rob takes a question from David, pertaining to Episode 47.

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