Episode 90: Dealing With Disappointment

In Episode 90 Rob Booker and producer Jason Pyles talk about dealing with disappointments and how such let-downs are not only a natural part of a trader’s career, but a part of life, in general. Rob also expounds on the best way for traders to have longevity and financial security throughout their careers and for the rest of their lives. This episode is good medicine for any under-the-weather trader.

Links for this episode:

11 Free Lessons on Trading: 15 Minute Forex.net

Rob on Twitter: @RobBooker

Jason on Twitter: @MovieCastWeekly

3 comments on Episode 90: Dealing With Disappointment

  1. braham says:

    hi you got a great podcast man i always learn listening
    my goal for trading is to have time for other things i want to do my dreams are my life and of course i want to have all those shiny stuff
    and for my favorite show i watch HOUSE MD i find it more logical than drama
    thanks for all good stuff

  2. Pipkiller says:

    Part of the joy of watching Walking Dead is that it is something all my friends and co workers watch and it is soooo much fun to debate and theorize on possible outcomes after each episode. Also excited for Game of Thrones season 3.

  3. Harold says:

    Gents, I am one of thousands that enjoy your podcasts. I would say that most people don’t consider what you do as “rambling on”. I have been helped by your comments and opinions and I can say for sure that it has improved my trading and my emotional state (I do the best I can and accept the results). Keep up the good and helpful work.

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