Episode 9: 10 Ways to Lose Money Trading

by robbooker on January 9, 2012


Chris Davison joins Rob with the first five secret tricks that help any trader lose massive amounts of money quickly. Of course no one wants you to lose any money, and that’s the point of the show: to help you avoid the mistakes we’ve made — mistakes that so many people make — when setting out on the road to trading for a living. Here are the first five tricks:

1. Run it on as many pairs as possible, ideally unsupported ones
2. Choose the broker that offers the highest leverage
3. Don’t waste time back-testing or getting to know your EA
4. Small lot sizes are for wimps
5. Choose a scalper with no stop-loss (they only lock in losses)

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Luis October 2, 2015 at 12:37 pm

Hey Rob,
I’m starting in the FX world, I just listened this episode and I have a question… do you actually advice scalping as a method to trade?


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