Episode 89: The Secret of Trading Consistently

Trading is about making money, or at least, it had better be about making money or you’re going to have to keep your day job, and as you know — we don’t want you to have to keep your day job. Rob interviews Scott Welsh about what comes before a trader can start making money — and that’s consistency, or the ability to repeat a successful behavior over and over again.

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2 comments on Episode 89: The Secret of Trading Consistently

  1. Judi Chambers says:

    You have done alot of great podcasts – and this is another one of them. A reality check to get back to what works for me, and to quit going from one system to another.

    All of these podcasts touch on issues important to traders – and you have the ability to keep the lesson simple yet mind blowing! I thank you for doing these, they have helped me recognize and address issues important to me.

  2. Harold says:

    Gents, I started listening to your podcasts a couple of months ago and have made my way back to the 80’s episodes. # 89 where Scott talks about “greatness coming from correcting mistakes” really spoke to me. Like all newish aspiring traders, I’m always asking why I did or did not do something in a trade. All traders should be encouraged by learning from their mistakes. Enjoy your comments & am a big fan of the process of learning about trading.

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