Episode 87: Doctoring Trading Expos and the Nonfarm Payroll Report

In this fiery episode, your host Rob Booker discusses the Nonfarm Payroll Report numbers that were released last Friday, and he gives his thoughts on the suspicion that the Bureau of Labor Statistics may have doctored the numbers, due to pressure from the White House. Rob also adds a little neutral commentary on the presidential election thus far, and he reveals what he would like to hear from his elected officials.

And after participating in The World MoneyShow Chicago last week, Rob has returned with some passionate and nostalgic thoughts about the good ol’ days of the big trading convention, and he offers a few major suggestions on how to make trading expos better than ever. Tune in to be entertained!

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5 comments on Episode 87: Doctoring Trading Expos and the Nonfarm Payroll Report

  1. JR says:

    I can’t agree more with your comments. Great stuff.

    1. robbooker says:


      Been wondering who shot you since 1980.

      Thank you for listening! Happy you liked this one.


  2. Garion says:

    These are my favorite episodes, where Rob is just talking/ranting.

    1. robbooker says:

      Garion, you just made my day! You’re going to love the next 100 episodes!

      I’m so happy you enjoy the podcast.


  3. yvan says:

    absolutely loved it! Great rant as usual! Keep them coming Rob.

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