Episode 85: Common Mistakes That Retail Traders Make

As promised since Episode 81, Rob Booker brings you a second interview with Hedge Fund Girl, a 20-year Wall Street veteran who has rich experience in the industry, from managing money for an institutional fund to working on a prop desk.

In addition to describing more of what it’s like to trade and invest on Wall Street, Hedge Fund Girl returns to The Traders Podcast to talk about Common Mistakes That Retail Traders Make, which spills over into a list of common mistakes that institutional traders make.

Hedge Fund Girl gives some things to consider when looking at hot IPO’s — and a little trick to knowing how to be a harbinger of doom — or a warning voice — ahead of the curve by anticipating what’s doomed to fail before it starts to fall significantly.

Rob asks Hedge Fund Girl just how aggressive, and “dog-eat-dog” the Wall Street environment actually is — and many other interesting questions during this must-listen episode of The Traders Podcast. Join us!

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