Episode 84: Making a Lot of Money in a Short Amount of Time Through Trading

Can you make a lot of money (from trading) in a short period of time? Is it a mistake to enter the world of trading because you’re in a financial bind and you need a substantial amount of money fast? Well, these are questions whose answers usually yield some kind of discouraging lecture on prudence.

But in Episode 84, Rob Booker gives you the other side of the story and actually answers these questions, telling traders how they might go about such an endeavor as making a lot of money in a short amount of time through trading. You don’t want to miss this one! Tune in, and please leave us your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you for listening.

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One comment on “Episode 84: Making a Lot of Money in a Short Amount of Time Through Trading

  1. Mike near London, GB says:

    Great episode guys, keep it up, I have listened to all episodes & they are really cool and interesting. As a some one who works for themselves and is learning trading it is really helpful to hear about other traders experiences and of course Rob’s vast experience and “relaxed” style. Much more chilled than listening to Tom Keane on Bloomberg!

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    is about an aristocratic family & its servants set in the Britan in 1914 – 1920 so there is lots about the 1st World War, the aftermath, the “roaring 20s”& lots of sexual liaisons …I know this cos my wife along with what seems like the rest of the country’s women are addicted to it. It is on in Britain around the same sort of time as the FX markets open in NZ & I am thinking about the week ahead. I do not like to watch it….but if it gets to the Wall St / City crash then maybe…

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