Episode 83: Protecting Yourself From Yourself

In this episode Rob Booker interviews Hubert Senters of Trade the Markets.com. Hubert is a veteran trader of more than 20 years. He shares a number of interesting details about his own trading career: Hubert talks about how long he trades each day, and Rob and Hubert discuss when to quit if you’re having an off day. Hubert describes some rules that he has in place in order to protect himself — from himself, and Rob talks about these rules in terms of “catalytic mechanisms.”

Rob asks Hubert if he gets emotional while trading, and Hubert discusses his method for coping with getting angry after losing money. They also talk about how many monitors Hubert has in his trading office (and how many of those he actually uses). Rob asks Hubert about the book he’s been writing, and Hubert goes all the way back to the beginning, explaining how an unseemly job at a dairy farm eventually led him to where he is today. All of this and more — on The Traders Podcast. Join us!

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Trade the Markets.com

On Twitter: @HubertSenters

One comment on “Episode 83: Protecting Yourself From Yourself

  1. Christina says:

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